Collection: Signed by You

About Signed by You

"Signed by You" is a boutique brand known for crafting high-quality footwear from premium leather. The brand excels in repurposing surplus materials from larger productions, enabling the creation of its iconic signature shoes in various colors and limited editions. There's a strong affinity for utilizing leftover leathers, appreciated for their consistent, excellent quality. The brand cherishes the material's imperfections, adding a unique sparkle to the designs. Every "Signed by You" pair is unique; once a leather piece is used up, a new combination is sought, blending style with sustainability to create wearable art. This distinctive approach leads to one-of-a-kind shoes due to their limited production and exclusive design. Each pair comes with a value certificate, akin to artworks. Their signature ankle boots, portraying an 80s-inspired aesthetic with a broad instep and a detachable collar, stand out. All shoes carry a prominent red cross at the back for easy identification. With a specially designed 7 cm heel, an anti-perspirant insole, and handcrafted production in Portugal, the footwear epitomizes both style and sustainability.